Create a Planned Maintenance Process in Your Organization with Condition Monitoring!

Rotary machines are an indispensable part of industrial processes. Monitoring the condition of these critical equipment maximizes the quality and performance of your applications.

Electric Motors

Industrial organizations always try to increase the reliability of productive processes. Since induction motors are at the center of the vast majority of industrial processes, the slightest performance degradation and failure of the motor affects the entire production from the first rank and makes it necessary to monitor the motor condition continuously and make planned maintenance.

Like all rotary machines, induction motors are exposed to many different adverse effects such as thermal and environmental stresses and mechanical damage that require maximum attention. As a result of these stresses, problems occur in induction motors and the equipment it drives. Solutions to minimize failure occurrence and performance degradation have become essential to create a more productive process.

The most common failure seen in induction motors is the roller bearing failure. In addition to this, different types of malfunctions such as unbalanced stators, broken rotors, mechanical imbalance and misalignment can also be seen. These situations may not always cause malfunctions, but they surely reduce the performance of the system and the useful life of the equipment. For this reason, various methods are used to monitor the motor condition.

Through Sensemore vibration and temperature sensors, it is possible to monitor vibration values of induction engines as well as internal combustion engines in quality control and R&D departments. In this way, you can see the values related to engine rigidity, mounting condition and general vibration and create your own standard.

Sensemore constantly monitors engine health and performance by monitoring the current, vibration and temperature data. Sensemore allows you to make analyses not only in maintenance departments but also in quality control and R&D departments, thanks to its special tools on the cloud application.


Bearings, which are one of the most basic parts of machines, are encountered everywhere in the industry and in daily life. Apart from machining, we see bearings where bedding is required in various applications. Bearings are the main parts that can cause a malfunction in motors and driven equipment. Bearing life is also calculated when selecting bearings in machine designs and applications; but the calculated value and the life in practice differ considerably due to various dynamic loads, variable speeds and unstable environmental conditions.

Ball-bearing failures cover 40% of the breakdowns in production lines. It is of vital importance in terms of reliability and usability to predict malfunctions in bearings and establish a maintenance plan. The method widely used in the industry for bearing failure prediction is vibration analysis. Failures can be detected by using signal processing methods on the types of vibration values received from the bearings. Traditional vibration analysis is quite laborious and prone to human error due to the handheld vibration analyzers.

Sensemore offers an IoT solution where you can monitor the bearing health thanks to the sensors and cloud application it developed. Sensemore, which can work with different communication protocols, allows you to plan your maintenance remotely with its plug-and-play vibration sensors. Sensemore helps you create a maintenance plan by automatically detecting failures beforehand, thanks to the various tools included in the application. Sensemore allows you to monitor system and bearing performances through nonstop condition monitoring as well as troubleshooting.


In the industry, various types of pumps are used under two major groups, dynamic and positive displacement. Centrifugal pumps are rotary machines that are particularly and widely used in process operations and other applications. Constant production in industrial facilities relies on the dependability of equipment such as pumps and auxiliary devices. The defect-free operation of the pumps is essential for efficient plant operation and performance.

Due to the fact that pumps are among the critical equipment of the facilities, the lack of performance and unplanned downtime of the pumps will cause production loss and interrupt subsequent operations. Due to their critical functions, many industrial pumps and electric propulsion motors are inspected at regular periods (monthly or bimonthly). But such maintenance operations cannot predict performance losses and momentary failures in pumps. In order to prevent unplanned downtime of industrial pumps and to create maximum availability by minimizing performance losses, online condition monitoring systems should be used.

Sensemore condition monitoring systems provide you with valid and accurate information to achieve maximum efficiency by optimizing maintenance operations. By placing Sensemore condition monitoring sensors on the bearings, suction and discharge pipes, and body of your pumps, you can instantly monitor the status of your pumps. With the data we receive from the sensors, we raise the efficiency, availability, and performance of your pumps to the maximum levels by notifying the malfunctions, such as flow-induced cavitation, turbulence, and impeller; and mechanical-induced looseness, misalignment, unbalance, bearing malfunctions et cetera, which may cause unplanned stoppages.


Gearboxes, which consist of gear-wheel systems, are important elements that are used in a wide range of industries such as the heavy industries like cement-concrete, energy, iron and steel, oil-natural gas and automotive, as well as small-scale production factories, such as elevators, robots, crane systems, and automation systems. Structurally, the gearbox consists of parts such as gear wheels, shafts and bearings located in the body et cetera. Because gearboxes are required for many production processes, unplanned downtime can cause a disaster on the production line, and even planned downtime is unfavorable. The maintenance of gearboxes should not be delayed and should be monitored continuously due to their non-stop operation under load.

Sensemore, while maintaining the gearbox performance and reliability, detects various malfunctions such as gear wear, excessive load, gear misalignment and broken gear thanks to the sensors in the product pool and special tools for gear malfunctions in the cloud application. Thus, you can prevent unplanned downtime and ensure continuity while increasing energy efficiency and availability.

Fan & Blowers

Fans are essential parts of various industrial applications to control process variables such as temperature and humidity. Apart from temperature and humidity, fans are one of the most critical equipment of organizations since they remove dust and dangerous fumes. Fans indirectly affect the production performance, as they provide a more comfortable working area for employees in the production area. On the other hand, they extend the useful life of the equipment due to the cooling of the motors and actuators placed in the control cabinet.

Industrial fans operate at high speeds in both hot and cold and inaccessible places. They use the flow of air to transport dust, sand, and fumes. In this process, dust and sand particles can get caught in the propeller and create imbalance, and as a result, it can cause various malfunctions in the bearings, shaft and motor. In this case, the performance and usability of the system decrease.

Monitoring rotary parts would be the ideal way to monitor the fan status. With Sensemore vibration sensors, you can detect static and dynamic unbalance, bearing malfunctions and shaft bending in the fans and monitor the fan performance. As fans are often mounted on ceilings or roofs, reaching these spots can be quite troublesome. This situation makes manual measurements even more difficult. In this situation which creates potential insecurity, the Sensemore remote online condition monitoring system is the solution.


Compressors are equipment that compresses the air it draws from the atmosphere and is one of the indispensable pieces of equipment of many industries in order to meet hydraulic needs. Compressors are used in various places according to different needs from small businesses to large factories; such as dyeing plants, mold and press boards, and robots.

Since compressors feed the production lines, a high level of reliability is required to meet the demands on time. The most suitable maintenance strategy for maximum performance and minimum operating and maintenance costs is the online condition monitoring systems. Sensemore condition monitoring systems offer an excellent solution for monitoring compressor conditions, thanks to their multifaceted online capabilities.

With Sensemore condition monitoring systems, you can foresee the malfunctions that may occur in your compressors, plan your maintenance operations beforehand and prevent unexpected stoppages. You can monitor the vibration and pressure values of your compressors with Sensemore sensors to be placed on various compressor types. Entering the compressor type and equipment parameters into the Sensemore cloud application will be sufficient for condition monitoring and troubleshooting. Sensemore will bring maximum performance and productivity to your compressor in a short time with the machine learning algorithm it uses in the cloud application.


Turbines are a set of devices that convert flow energy into motional and electrical energy. Turbines begin to rotate with the energy they get from fluids with the help of certain mechanisms. Various bedding techniques are used in steam, gas, water and wind turbines, which are the most important equipment of the energy sector. Because these bearings, which carry the rotational movement, are of critical importance, they must be constantly maintained.

With the widespread use of renewable energy in recent years, wind turbines have begun to gain a large place in the energy sector. In wind turbines, the motional energy generated by the turbines is transferred to the generator with the help of gears. Reliability is one of the most important phenomena in wind turbines due to the continuous dynamic forces acting on the turbines at altitudes that exceed 150 meters. In the event of any malfunction in wind turbines, which have a continuous rotational motion, maintenance and repair operation creates a difficult process, and it may cause the turbine to be inoperative for weeks and maybe even months.

Sensemore helps you to perform a planned maintenance operation by detecting gear and bearing failures before the system stops, by means of different types of sensors working with various communication protocols, offered in the product pool. With the sensor and software offered by Sensemore, you can increase reliability and efficiency by not only troubleshooting but also monitoring system performance.

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