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First Step in AI Based Predictive Maintenance

With the increasing demand of IIoT in the age of digitalization, data-driven maintenance optimization of industrial equipment is one of the most trending topics among maintenance professionals. At the beginning, data gathered by various sensors placed on the machines or embedded in the machine itself are pre-processed. Later on, this data is used for Decision-support […]

Importance of Integration of Condition Monitoring into Existing Systems

We talked about condition monitoring and its importance in our previous blog post. The basic principle in condition monitoring is to detect failures in machinery and equipment to predict using equipment-specific condition parameters, such as temperature, vibration, pressure, current, etc. and to prevent destructive downtimes. One of the most important factors affecting the performance of […]


Envelope Analysis

Rotary machines are used both in industry and in many areas of our daily life. Bearings are one of the most important machine elements in rotating machines. Bearings are the elements that carry radial and axial loads in machines and reduces friction between parts. There are various values ​​such as dynamic and static load ratio, […]


What is Cepstral Analysis?

When doing vibration analysis, the signals received from accelerometers in time waveform are examined in different domains by various mathematical transformations. The most common of these is the spectral analysis that we study in the frequency domain. Spectral analysis generates the vibration signature of the machines as well. When we put the raw signal into […]

Condition Monitoring in CNC Machines and Case Study

For many years, machine tools have been the backbone of many manufacturing industries. Machine tools also play an important role in the global economy nowadays. These machines, which transform complex designs into products by processing materials of different hardnesses, need to be maintained for performance, quality, and ultimately profit. The spindle unit of CNC lathes […]

Hidden Costs in Maintenance Organizations

Most of manufacturing companies conduct several projects and studies on reducing unit costs and gain sustainable advantage in competition in order to exceed its existing situation to an upper level. But it is not enough to just make a machine more efficient. You also need to reduce the cost of it. To decrease the total […]

What is Condition Monitoring?

Condition Monitoring is the process to detect a fault in a machine or equipment by observing parameters such as vibration, temperature and current. Condition Monitoring systems give the opportunity to spot faults that can lead to catastrophic failures and allows maintenance teams to program their schedule. This provide a unique value proposition for taking care […]


Vibration Glossary

Heavy Point: It is the angular position of the unbalance vector at a given lateral position on the shaft. The heavy spot typically does not change with the rotational speed. Received Signal Strength Indication(RSSI): Shows the received signal strength. Larger Rssi value means stronger signal. It takes negative values due to the logarithmic formulation. Subharmonic: […]

How is Fault Detection Performed?

Although the great differences in the nature of maintenance operations in industrial facilities, it contains the processes where similar quantities such as; vibration, temperature, oil quality, etc. are measured. During these processes, data from sensors are converted into different units with transducers and comments are made about system health. RMS (Root Mean Square) is generally […]