Flexible Design

Energy Harvesting and External Sensor Option allow us to provide solutions to you at all scenarios.

Easy Attachment

Magnetized side strongly holds on to surface or M3 insert can be screwed to the place.

Bluetooth 5.1

Gives you ability to connect your mobile devices directly in fast& secure way.

Plug& Play Solution

Long Range wireless communication and Cloud Based Software provides the easiest solution to condition monitoring needs.

Long Range Communication

LoRa gives ability to transmit data over 1 km distances

Battery Life more than 2 years

Plug, Play & Forget for 2 years.

Multi-Point synchronous Measurement

Sychronize up to 10 Wired on a single RS485 line.

High Temperature Resistance

Get accurate results up to 100 ° C.

Wide Supply Range

5V-36V Supply Range

Unlimited Connection

Senseway provides unlimited connection solution to Sensemore Sensors.

Environmental Sensors

Senseway contains Humidity, Temperature and Pressure Sensors providing  Environmental Condition Monitoring.

No Setup Required

Senseway only needs a WiFi SSID and Password. It takes care of the rest.

Predict Machines Failures

Observe vital signs of your machines and prevent from failures.

Pay as Much as Use

Do not invest on initial cost, pay per point.

Plugin Based Architecture

Create your own tools or use existing ones to get deep information about machines’ conditions.

Let us Watch For You

Set alarms, we will send you e-mail when important events occur.

Everything you need is in your hand

Sensemore Mobile App connects to Infinity directly via Bluetooth.

Measure, Process, Visualize Easily

With embedded signal processing and graph tools, see results immediately.

Realtime Data Streaming

Inspect your mechanical systems behaviour realtime even in spectrum.

Store, Note, Share Instantly

Store your measurements in cloud, take photographs as notes and share them via Google Drive, Whatsapp or Outlook and more.