At Sensemore, we are enthusiastic about finding out new technologies, and we are looking for a team member who has this passion for learning and gas a sense of responsibility and more importantly a sense of humor: )

This part is  for you

We do not expect you to be an expert on a programming language. For us, a programming language is just a tool to be used to shape our ideas. But we expect you to have an understanding of the technologies, protocols, and most importantly the mindset.

Tools are details for us, if you think you got the idea, we can take care of the rest together.

You will have a chance to develop your skills in a multi-disciplinary environment surrounded by people eager to help their coworkers.

Although, we mainly use Javascript in software development and you will write almost all the code with Javascript/Typescript. We expect at least some experience with the Javascript environment.

A quick tip: Not having a GitHub account would be a deal-breaker.

What this position is about for us

This position is for people who would like to enhance their self-development progress within a startup. This will not be a corporate experience for you. You will work hard as we do. We do not think of this position as a temporary job, we would like to join you on our team full-time in the end. As we think like this, we will be evaluating candidates as not only an internship but a potential full-time team members.

Please consider these parameters when you are applying.


– 4th-grade student in university
– Able to work physically 3 days a week
– Feel fine working with CLI tools from bash
– Most of the time, we do not have a graphical user interface
– An understanding of OSI layered architecture
– It should be fine talking about network layers without confusion.
– Experience with RESTful API’s
– Sometimes we consume, sometimes we serve
– HTML/CSS/Javascript
– We use Vue.js as a frontend framework
– Experience with Git
– You should be able to resolve conflicts in git  as you resolve them in your personal life
– Experience with at least one message-oriented protocol
– We use MQTT, RabbitMQ and Websockets
– Working with Linux should be fine for you.
– All development and production environment is Linux
– An experience with Databases
– It’s not a surprise we use MongoDB, you don’t have to have it, but you should be worked at least one of the database technologies

It’s not required, but preferred

You to have experience with:

– Node.js(Express.js),
– Vue.js
– AWS Cloud(Deployments, Network)
– Microservice
– Bash
– Docker
– Kubernetes
– RabbitMQ
– Python
– C++

Job Category: engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Maslak/Istanbul

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