Current Transformers Split-Core

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Split-Core CT 30A:5V, 100A:5V, 200A:5V


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Install on the phase cables feeding your motors without interrupting the operation of your machines.

Sensemore Current Transformers are used for measuring the amount of current that is passing through a wire. They work with the principle of Faraday’s Law. They transform high amounts of currents to low voltage levels so that the data acquisition devices can sense the signals.

For condition monitoring-based predictive maintenance, they can be used for performing electrical signature analysis. Motor current signature analysis suggests that possible malfunctions in the near future can be detected in advance with the tracking and analysis of current signals of the phase cables feeding the motor.

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Current Transformer

User Guide

Rated Input (A (AC))30, 100, 200
Rated Output (V (AC))5
Operating Frequency (Hz)50/60

Phase NumberSingle Phase
Inner Space Diameter (mm)10, 16, 24
Output Wire Lead (m)

Split-core current sensors offer several advantages, including ease of installation without circuit interruption, retrofit capability for existing systems, reduced installation time and cost, flexibility for measurements in tight spaces, and the ability to monitor current without the need for rewiring or modifications to the circuit.

Split-core current sensors are installed by opening the hinged split core and clamping it around the conductor of interest. The two halves of the core are closed securely, ensuring a proper magnetic coupling. The output leads of the sensor are then connected to a measurement or monitoring device to read and interpret the current measurement.

Frequency range of Split-Core Sensor sensors is 50-60 Hz. Measuring current is between 0-200 A.

The accuracy of split-core current sensors can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Sensemore provides split-core current sensor which has an accuracy of 0.5%

Yes, split-core current sensors are commonly used for energy monitoring and submetering applications. By measuring the current in different circuits or loads, they enable the calculation of energy consumption, power factor, and other parameters necessary for energy management and submetering purposes with using voltage sensors.

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