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Cloud Connected Data Acquisition Device

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Connect any type of analog sensors.

Sensemore DUCK is a compact IoT data acquisition hardware to collect process data not only vibration, temperature, and pressure but also whole analog data such as; mass flow rate, speed, current, etc. You can use the sensors with configurable sampling frequencies according to your needs.

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Sensemore DUCK

Synchronously collected current and voltage signals help both anomaly detection and digital twin applications.

Easy to use

Install any analog sensor (4-20mA, 0-10V, Resistive) and monitor real-time data on LAKE by not requiring any software installation.

Elaborative Data Analysis

Collected data are correlated and detected anomalies and their root causes on the user-friendly platform: LAKE.

IoT Ready

Measure equipment all parameters continuously and acquire data simultaneously on all its 8 dynamic channels.

Current Transformers

Sensemore Current Transformers are one of the sensors that can be used with DUCK. Sensemore Current Transformers detect the amount of current drawn by your equipment and convert it into voltage levels that the DUCK device can detect.

Download Datasheet

Box inside


24VDC Adapter


User Guide

Channel Number 8
Resolution 24bit
Sampling Rate 4.8 kHz
Voltage Input Range +40V to -5V

Protocol Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency Band  2.4 GHz
Connection Web Socket – MQTT – Easy Cloud Service over Sensemore LAKE

Data Storage Micro SD Card (up to 32 GB)

DC Input 12 VDC – 24 VDC

DUCK is 8 channel data acquisition device. Any type of analog sensors can be connected to DUCK and digitized data are exported via DUCK.

The sensor data collected by the DUCK device can be accessed and analyzed through the provided software, APIs, or integrated with third-party data analysis platforms. The data can be visualized, stored, and processed to derive insights and support decision-making for different applications and use cases. You can also use it via Sensemore Lake Platform access.

DUCK has a configuration interface itself, sensors can be configured according to its features.

As well as all Sensemore IoT devices, Duck can also be used with MQTT integration over WiFi or Ethernet. More can be learn from

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