Infinity PRO

$1,000 exc. TAX

Battery Powered Wireless Accelerometer, Magnetometer, and Thermometer

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Pro Energy, Lower Power Consumption

INFINITY PRO is a plug&play BLE communicated IIoT device that includes accelerometer, magnetometer, and thermometer. INFINITY PRO has energy harvesting capability from current sources like solar cells or thermo-electric generators. Highly rigid structure and durability in harsh environments provide high-quality vibration measurements. Magnetometer is synchronized with the accelerometer to determine rotation speed and ensure a better understanding of machine health. BLE communication enables data acquisition with a smartphone.

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Sensemore Infinity PRO

The Best Choice for
Route-Based Measurement

Energy Harvesting

Infinity PRO has an internal high efficient energy harvesting chip to charge its battery from current sources like a solar cell or a thermoelectric generator.

External Sensor Options

Infinity PRO also has an ADC input to sample external analog sensors.

Easy Installation

Infinity PRO has Unf 1/4″ 28 thread for stud mounting or adhesive mounting via a mounting pad.

Route-based Measurements

Infinity PRO communicates over BLE 5.1 so it is usable with the Sensemore Mobile App directly without any other device to get route-based measurements.

Route-Based Measurement with Mobile App

Infinity communicates over BLE 5.1 so it is usable with the Sensemore Mobile App directly without any other device to get route-based measurements. Time-waveform and spectrum graphs can be easily inspected instantly. Taken measurements can be uploaded to the Sensemore LAKE platform to store and inspect later.

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Box inside

Infinity PRO

Mounting Pad


User Guide

Number of AxisTri-axial
Frequency RangeDC to 6 kHz
Sampling Rate26 kHz
Dynamic Range±16 g

Number of AxisTri-axial
Magnetic Flux Density Sensing ±160 mT
Flux Resolution65 µT

Sensitivity± 0.5°
Sensing Range-40 °C to +125 °C

Size (D*H)30.5 mm * 85 mm
Operating Temperature-40 °C to +80 °C
Communication TypeBluetooth (Low Energy 5.1)
PowerRechargeable Battery
Battery LifeUp to 2 Years

Infinity PRO has more battery life than Infinity and it has stud mounting method.

The Infinity Pro accelerometer can be securely attached to the machinery via its magnet and with adhesive. It can then measure and transmit vibration data wirelessly to a monitoring system for analysis and condition monitoring. It can be used for route-based measurements via Sensemore Mobile App to collect and export data, and also with Sensemore Platform access (See Infinity Demokit to use Infinity with Sensemore Platform)

The Infinity PRO accelerometer can be integrated into your existing IoT system using the provided APIs and documentation. It supports various communication protocols and offers data streaming capabilities, enabling seamless integration with other devices and data analysis platforms. We provide integration documents in as open source.

The Infinity PRO accelerometer is factory-calibrated and ready to use out of the box. However, if precise calibration is required for your specific application, you can refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on calibration procedures.

Infinity has IP68-grade protection.

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