Infinity PRO Demo Kit

$1,600 exc. TAX

Infinity PRO + Senseway + LAKE + MobileApp

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Infinity Pro Demokit is designed for
a hassle-free experience.

This comprehensive kit includes:

Infinity Pro: Benefit from synchronous measurement with external sensors for accurate data collection and analysis.

Senseway: Experience the power of wireless and easy-to-use technology, seamlessly connecting and monitoring your machines.

Sensemore LAKE: Enjoy a free CloudApp subscription for the first year, providing a comprehensive cloud-based solution for data analysis and management.

Sensemore MobileApp: Stay connected and receive insights on the go with the free Mobile App.

Kit inside

Infinity Pro

Mounting Pad


24VDC Adapter


CloudApp: LAKE

Customer Support

User Guide

The Infinity Pro Demo Kit includes the Infinity Pro accelerometer, Senseway Gateway, LAKE data visualization software, and a companion mobile app. It provides a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing sensor data in real-time.

The Infinity Pro Demo Kit comes with detailed instructions for setup and configuration. You can follow the step-by-step guide to connect the accelerometer, configure the Senseway Gateway, and start collecting and analyzing data using the provided software and mobile app.

The Infinity Pro Demo Kit is designed to be easily integrated with existing systems. However, it is recommended to review the system requirements and compatibility guidelines provided with the kit to ensure seamless integration with your specific infrastructure and software environment.

Yes, the Infinity Pro Demo Kit is expandable. You can add more Infinity PRO accelerometers to the kit and connect them to the Senseway Gateway for simultaneous monitoring and analysis of multiple vibration sources or locations.

You can leverage LAKE by adapting whole plant maintenance and manufacturing teams. LAKE can be used a communication tool between departments.

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