Wired Pro Demo Kit

$1,200 exc. TAX

Wired Pro + Senseway + LAKE

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Wired Pro Demokit is designed for
a hassle-free experience.

This plug-and-play kit includes:

Wired Pro: Enjoy a simplified setup process for seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

Senseway: Quickly get started with monitoring and optimizing your machines.

Sensemore LAKE: Enjoy a free CloudApp subscription for the first year, providing a comprehensive cloud-based solution for data analysis and management

Kit inside

Wired Pro

Mounting Pad


24VDC Adapter


CloudApp: LAKE

Customer Support

User Guide

The Wired Pro Demo Kit includes the Wired PRO accelerometer, Senseway Gateway, LAKE data visualization software, and a companion mobile app. It provides a comprehensive solution for wired vibration monitoring and data analysis.

The Wired Pro Demo Kit comes with detailed instructions for setup and configuration. You can follow the provided guide to connect the Wired PRO accelerometer, configure the Senseway Gateway, and start monitoring and analyzing vibration data using the provided software and mobile app.

Yes, the Wired Pro Demo Kit is expandable. You can add more Wired PRO accelerometers to the kit and connect them to the Senseway Gateway for simultaneous monitoring and analysis of multiple vibration sources or locations.

The LAKE data visualization software included in the Wired Pro Demo Kit provides powerful tools for analyzing and interpreting vibration data. You can visualize trends, perform spectral analysis, and apply advanced signal processing techniques to gain insights into the vibration characteristics and identify potential issues or anomalies.

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