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Gateway Device for Sensemore Sensors

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Fast & Secure Communication Between Sensors & Servers

Senseway is a gateway device for Sensemore sensors. The Tachometer feature supports sensor measurements with the rotation speed of the equipment. The measurement triggering feature ensures that varying process needs are met.

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Usable as a Trigger or Tachometer

8-Channel External Inputs

You can use Senseway as a trigger and tachometer via its 8-channel external inputs.

Perfect for Perpetual Measurements

With its trigger option, only getting measurements as soon as your machine is running, perpetual measurements are taken from stop-and-go equipment.

Monitoring the Rotational Speed

By tachometers, you can detect changes in speed or vibration that may indicate a problem before they become major issues.

Easy Installation

While offering HTTP and MQTT integrations, It can be easily managed via configuration WEB UI.

Box inside


24VDC Adapter


User Guide

TypeLow Energy 5.1
Frequency Band2.4 GHz
Antenna3 dBi Single Antenna, Omni Directional

Type802.11 b/g/n
Frequency Band2.4 GHz
Antenna3 dBi Single Antenna, Omni Directional

DC Input12 – 24V DC

External Input
Input OptionsTrigger, Tachometer
Input Voltage High Logic Level5-24V DC

The Senseway Gateway acts as a central hub for collecting, processing, and transmitting data from Sensemore sensors. It provides connectivity, data management, and communication capabilities, allowing seamless integration and control of the sensors within the Sensemore ecosystem.

The Senseway Gateway comes with a user-friendly setup wizard and configuration interface. Simply follow the provided instructions to connect the gateway to your network, pair it with Sensemore sensors, and configure the desired settings such as data sampling rates, thresholds, and connectivity options.

Yes, the Senseway Gateway supports various secure communication protocols such as TLS/SSL for encrypted data transmission. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the sensor data as it is transmitted from the gateway to the designated server or cloud platform.

Yes, Senseway provides a web configuration panel. You can access the configuration page using Senseways network ip via a browser in the same network. Or you may connect Gateways’ Access Point and navigate the default ip via browser. More details can be found in Senseway User Manual.

As well as all Sensemore IoT devices, Gateway provides MQTT integration option. MQTT configuration can be updated to integrate Gateway to 3rd party platform. More can be found at

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