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Our Partner Programs

Sensemore is an end-to-end predictive maintenance platform for rotating machinery and detects 15+ failures specifically with root-cause 2-4 months before the unexpected stop occurs. We are partnering with systems integrators, OEMs, and Channel Partners to enable the implementation of our technology in a wide range of industries and regions.

System Integrators

We partner with systems integrators to provide manufacturers with local expertise in the successful field implementation of our AI-powered end-to-end Predictive Maintenance solutions. We encourage our system integrators we work with to develop our partnership as channel partners.


OEMs can integrate our predictive maintenance solutions into their products as soon as the production phase is completed to provide added value to their customers and have the opportunity to provide a comprehensive service to their customers. In addition to increasing the efficiency of the product they provide to their customers, they reach higher customer satisfaction with the comprehensive service offered.

Channel Partners

We are willing to work with channel partners who want to offer our products to their customers and connections. Our main goal is to partner with companies that focus on digital transformation and to offer and deliver our solutions to various industries and markets we serve. We want to work with both service providers and channel partners and create a mutually beneficial cooperation with the implementation of our solutions.

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