Maintain Your Competitive Edge by Maximizing Quality

Implementing predictive maintenance on critical machineries such as; filling & packaging equipments, mixers, blenders, and homogenizers, etc in the FMCG industry can help you to minimize downtime, reduce costs, extend the life of your equipment, improve safety, and product quality, and improve inventory management. All of which can ultimately help you to increase efficiency and maintain a competitive edge in the fast-moving consumer goods market.

  • Blending and mixing equipment
  • Conveyors (belt, roller, etc.)
  • Sorting and grading equipment
  • Palletizing and packaging robots
  • Wrapping and bundling machines
  • Drying and dehydrating equipment
  • Cutting and slicing equipment
  • Grinding and milling machines
  • Batching and weighing equipment
  • Pasteurization and sterilization equipment
  • Refrigeration and freezing equipment
  • Packaging machines (filling, sealing, labeling, capping, etc.)

Manufacturers in the FMCG industry are facing an average of over 20 hours of unplanned downtimes per month, and unexpected downtime costs in this industry have increased by 36% in just two years.

Ensure Your Supply Chain Runs Smoothly with Improved Equipment Reliability

Predictive maintenance helps improve inventory management of spare parts by providing accurate information on the condition of equipment and predicting when maintenance is required, and improving delivery performance by minimizing downtime, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. This will improve delivery schedules and on-time delivery.

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Create a Reliability Centered Maintenance Culture

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is an approach that aims to maximize the reliability and availability of equipment by identifying the functions that are critical to the operation of the system, and then developing and implementing a maintenance strategy to ensure that these functions are performed reliably. It helps in identifying and eliminating unnecessary maintenance tasks, thus improving efficiency and productivity.

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