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Sensemore Portal is an end-to-end system that detects abnormal behavior in industrial machines, allowing you to perform predictive maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime. Sensemore includes sensors that receive vibration and temperature data from the equipment, a gateway to securely transfer data to the Cloud, a Portal service that analyzes data for abnormal machine behavior by using machine learning, and an auxiliary (companion) mobile application to monitor devices from mobile.

Sensemore offers endpoint solutions to your production lines using Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning (ML) technologies. No development or integration effort is required to use Sensemore products. Unlike many CbM products, it processes raw data and provides automatic alarms and reports. It also offers a panel where you can make a detailed analysis of the data.

Yes. Beginning from day zero, experience gained in time makes machine learning functions (anomaly detection, classification, prediction, estimation) sharper.

Sensemore can only store and use the data processed by the service to provide, maintain, improve and develop the quality of Sensemore. The use of your content is important for the continuous improvement of the development of relevant technologies and your Sensemore customer experience, including the instructions. We do not use personally identifiable information that may be contained in your content to target products and services to you or your end-users. Your trust, privacy and security of your content are our top priority. We perform appropriate and sophisticated technical and physical controls, including encryption in transit, which are designed to prevent unauthorized access or leakage of your content, and we would like to point out that our use is in accordance with our commitments to you.

Yes. Sensemore Portal encrypts data when not in use and when transmitted. Encrypted content is rendered useless without valid decryption keys.

Sensemore Portal can be used to monitor the condition of equipment without any extra development effort required.

Yes. Third-party sensors can be integrated into the system if they support the required protocols.

Sensemore Portal can be used to monitor various rotating machines in production lines and warehouses. Gearboxes, motors, pumps, compressors and fans are common examples of equipment or machine parts that Sensemore CbM supports.

Sensemore supports sensors that communicate in different scenarios and various communication protocols. Wired and Infinity are designed for factory equipment and safe indoor operating environments. We recommend Anchor to provide predictive maintenance in non-factory use cases such as machines used in outdoor power generation facilities, equipment in offshore oil and gas stations, and consumer devices.


The typical battery life of the Infinity sensor is two months at the default measurement frequency, which is once per hour. If energy harvesting devices such as solar panels are integrated into Infinity, you can use it infinitely. The battery life of an Anchor sensor is two years at the default measurement frequency, which is once per hour.

You can set the sensor measurement frequency as you wish. You can also perform manual, non-cycle measurements by connecting your smartphones with the sensor via Bluetooth. In addition, by triggering the sensor with the Sensemore Trigger device, you can take automated measurements when necessary, regardless of a specific period.

Sensors connect to Senseway using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wired, and LoRa.

Senseway supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection, LoRa, RS485 cable and WiFi connection.

Senseway accesses TCP port 8883 for the IoT messaging protocol MQTT.

The most suitable use for Senseway is to define full internet access over a separate VLAN. Besides, SenseWay does not need to access any resource of the local network to which it joins. With network permission to be defined directly to the mac address, it can be brought to the internet via direct routing.

Senseway does not require high bandwidth. Typically, it exchanges about 100 KB of data per sensor at the default measurement frequency, which is once per hour.


Sensemore sensors can be attached with the magnet on the equipment or using an adhesive that you have to purchase separately. We advise you to check the surface before selecting the adhesive. For surfaces up to 5 mm roughness/gaps, you can select an adhesive that fills the gap, such as LOCTITE® HY 4070. For flat surfaces (<0.1mm roughness), you can select a more generic adhesive, such as LOCTITE® 454. Always check and follow the processing guidelines outlined by the adhesive vendor.

Sensemore sensors connect to Senseway via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), RS485, and LoRa. Practically, the number of sensors that can be connected to a single gateway will be mainly determined by the BLE range. The expected BLE range is 40-50 meters. Based on our experiences, an average of 10-20 sensors can be connected to a gateway in an industrial setup. 10 Wired devices can be connected via RS485. 10 sensors can also be connected via LoRa.

No, Sensemore Portal serves as a SaaS. Sensemore Portal uses an infrastructure designed by AWS and is supported only on Sensemore-designed hardware which are optimized for secure, high-performance, and reliable operations.

Integration to both portal and Senseway can be achieved through various integration points.

Your site must support the basic power, network, and space requirements to install Sensemore sensors and Senseway. Since Sensemore Portal requires a reliable WiFi internet connection, you should install a secure public Wi-Fi internet connection (WPA-PSK2).

Security and Compatibility

As part of a shared responsibility model, customers are responsible for the physical security and access controls of Sensemore Sensors and Senseway.

When the internet connection of your facility is disconnected, Senseway is disconnected from Sensemore Portal. As a result, Sensemore Sensors cannot send the data captured at that time to Sensemore Portal. But you can continue to take measurements via the Sensemore Mobile App.

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