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The Sensemore Platform is an integrated solution that empowers you to predict machinery malfunctions 2-4 months in advance for rotating machinery. It facilitates predictive maintenance, minimizing unplanned downtime. The solution comprises sensors for data collection, a secure Cloud data transfer gateway, AI-backed data analysis module, data visualization platform, and a companion mobile app for machine health.

The Sensemore Platform differentiates itself from other Condition-based Monitoring (CbM) products with its root-cause diagnosis 2-4 month in advance for machinery malfunctions, accurate AI-driven analysis, seamless integration of sensors and Cloud connectivity, and a user-friendly mobile app. It emphasizes proactive maintenance to minimize unplanned downtime and offers tailored AI capabilities for various machinery types, ensuring precision and customization.

Absolutely. Over time, there is a notable improvement in the accuracy of Sensemore’s automated alarms and analysis, particularly in forecasting the root causes of machinery issues. Continuously learning from the data generated by machinery, the platform progressively hones its alert mechanisms. This leads to increasingly precise and insightful notifications regarding potential problems and their fundamental triggers.

Yes, Sensemore engages in data processing to elevate its services and advance its technologies. It’s important to note that personally identifiable information is not utilized for targeted advertising purposes. Robust privacy safeguards, including robust data encryption, are in place to ensure the protection of user privacy throughout the data processing procedures.

Indeed, the Sensemore Platform prioritizes security by employing data encryption both at rest and in transit, thus upholding a high standard of data protection.

Integration and Compatibility

No, there’s no need for additional development or code modification to implement the Sensemore Platform for equipment monitoring. It offers seamless integration without requiring any extra coding effort.

Certainly, the Sensemore Platform can seamlessly integrate with third-party sensors, provided that these sensors support the required protocols. This flexibility allows for expanded sensor options while ensuring optimal functionality.

The Sensemore Platform is well-suited for a diverse range of rotating machinery found in factories. This includes gearboxes, motors, pumps, compressors, and fans, showcasing its versatility in accommodating various industrial equipment.

The Sensemore Platform is designed to accommodate a wide array of sensor communication scenarios. It effectively caters to different factory configurations, encompassing both wired setups and the innovative Infinity system, providing versatile solutions for predictive maintenance needs.


Sensemore sensors are designed with an estimated lifespan of up to 5 years, ensuring dependable and long-lasting performance for your monitoring needs.

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to adjust the measurement frequency of sensors according to your preferences. Both manual and automated measurement options are available, allowing you to tailor the sensor data collection to meet your specific requirements.

Sensors establish connections through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wired interfaces, ensuring seamless and reliable data transmission to the Sensemore Platform.

The Sensemore Platform offers support for various network connection options:
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): This energy-efficient wireless communication protocol facilitates seamless connectivity for sensors, optimizing data transfer without draining excessive power.
RS485: This wired communication standard ensures robust data transmission over relatively long distances, making it suitable for scenarios where stable and reliable connections are crucial.
WiFi: The widely used wireless networking technology provides high-speed data transfer for sensors within WiFi-enabled environments, offering fast and efficient communication capabilities.
The Sensemore Platform’s compatibility with these network connections ensures adaptable and efficient data transfer based on specific deployment requirements.

Sensemore Platform Internet Bandwidth Requirements Explained
If you’re wondering about the internet bandwidth needed for the Sensemore Platform, here’s a breakdown based on key factors:
Data Measurement Speed: On average, a single measurement involving 10,000 data samples is completed within just 10 seconds. This efficient data processing ensures swift transmission.
Scalability with Senseways: The platform’s bandwidth requirement grows in direct proportion to the number of Senseways active in the network. Each Senseway can transmit data from a single sensor at a time.
Bandwidth Range: The platform’s bandwidth needs vary. The maximum requirement is determined by the number of Senseways. For instance, if you have 10 Senseways, the maximum uplink bandwidth needed would be around 3 Mbps and the maximum downlink bandwidth would be around 1 Mbps.
Minimum and Idle Requirements: On the lower end, the platform can function with a minimum bandwidth of approximately 30 Kbps for both uplink and downlink. During idle periods, a bandwidth of about 350 Kbps is sufficient for maintaining connectivity.
Keep in mind that actual bandwidth requirements may differ based on the specifics of your network, including the number of sensors and the frequency of data transmission. This insight into Sensemore’s bandwidth dynamics should help you tailor your network setup to ensure optimal performance.


Sensors can be securely attached to equipment using either magnets or adhesive, with the choice between the two options determined by the texture of the equipment’s surface. This flexibility ensures reliable and adaptable sensor placement based on varying equipment characteristics.

Curious about the maximum sensor capacity for a single gateway? The answer varies based on the end-node type, and we’ve got the details for you.
Senseway with Wired RS485 Sensors: If you opt for wired RS485 sensors, the connectivity is capped at 10 sensors.
BLE Connection: When using BLE connection, there’s no strict theoretical limit, although it’s recommended to maintain a practical range of around 20 sensors for optimal performance.
Keep in mind that these sensor limits ensure efficient operation and robust performance. The choice between wired RS485 and BLE connections allows you to tailor your network setup to your specific needs while achieving the best results.

Curious whether your existing servers align with the Sensemore Platform? You’ve come to the right place.

Cloud and Self-Hosting Flexibility: Absolutely. The Sensemore Platform is meticulously crafted to suit your needs. It operates seamlessly in both cloud and self-hosted environments, accommodating your organizational preferences.

Efficient Microservices with Containerization: What’s more, the Sensemore Platform leverages microservices architecture for streamlined efficiency. Managing and deploying specific functionalities is effortless. Thanks to containerization, it is so fast to setting up Sensemore microservices using our images.

With its adaptability, efficiency, and dynamic deployment, the Sensemore Platform seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure. Explore the convenience of advanced technology tailored to your unique organizational requirements.

Security and Compatibility

The primary responsibility for maintaining the physical security and access controls of Sensemore Sensors and Senseway systems lies with our valued customers.

When network connectivity is lost, it results in the disconnection of Senseway from the Sensemore Portal. However, it’s important to note that the Sensemore Mobile App remains fully operational for measurement purposes.

Remote Monitoring and Onboarding

Absolutely! The Sensemore Platform empowers you with remote monitoring capabilities, ensuring timely responses and effective performance oversight.

Certainly! We offer comprehensive onboarding and training programs to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for all users.

Industry Excellence

The Sensemore Platform stands out across a wide range of industries, with a particular strength in the monitoring of rotating machinery.


Absolutely! Our sensors are backed by a 2-year warranty, ensuring the reliability and quality of your investment.

Certainly! Sensemore provides the flexibility of leasing our devices through a leasing agreement.

The frequency of charging Sensemore sensors depends on the specific device model and configuration. Our battery-powered Sensemore devices are meticulously designed to maintain peak efficiency, even in demanding conditions. These devices can be configured to enter a power-saving sleep mode between measurements, conserving energy for future use. When used and maintained correctly, these devices can operate for over a year on a single charge.

However, it’s essential to note that continuously keeping sensors active can reduce battery life and potentially shorten operational periods to a few weeks. To optimize performance and prolong the lifespan of your Sensemore sensors, it’s advisable to manage their usage judiciously.

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