Occupational Safety Checklis

Increase the Efficiency and Safety of Your Forklift Operations with This Forklift Control Checklist.

Download our Forklift Control Checklist, a valuable resource that can help you improve the longevity, safety, and effectiveness of your forklift operations.


Key Benefits of Our Forklift Control Checklist

Safety First

Prioritizing safety, our checklist includes visual inspections that help identify damages, leaks, and faulty safety devices.

Optimized Performance

Routine checks of operational components, from power-up procedures to hydraulic controls, contribute to the overall performance of your forklifts.

Compliance and Documentation

Maintaining a comprehensive record of forklift inspections is crucial for compliance with industry regulations.

Preventive Maintenance

The checklist acts as a preventive maintenance tool, allowing you to catch problems early on. By systematically examining key components, you extend the lifespan of your forklifts.


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Download the Forklift Control Checklist