January 23, 2024

Experience a redesigned platform with easier-to-use navigation that gives a clear overview of your company and user roles that are more simplified for better clarity. Explore improved onboarding processes to ensure a user-friendly experience that enables users to make decisions with efficiency and understanding.


Faster Access to Your Assets with New Navigation

In our new navigation, you can see a summary screen of your facility (shown with 1) in the first tab of the menu and view the health status of your lines from the lines tab (shown with 2).

Faster Access to Your Assets with New Navigation

When you click on the lines tab, you can view your lines or create a new line on the screen that appears (shown with 3). When you click on a line which machine trains you want to view, you can easily access the filtered version of the list (shown with 4) in the Machine Trains tab in the menu (shown with 5).

Hatlar sekmesi

In addition, a machine train with demo data is positioned at the top of the page so that it will always be in your machine train list so that you can better understand the system and the use of LAKE (shown with 6).

machine train list

  User Roles§Permissions  

New System Roles for Simple User Experience

For better experience, we simplified the use by removing the system administrator roles given to users specifically assigned to each layer. We defined only 2 separate roles, including full authority and limited authority. Now, users with the Admin role who have invitation permission will be able to view all permissions and make a clearer decision accordingly.

Simple User Experience


New Onboarding for 30-days Free Trial

We revised our onboarding steps, both in content and design, to suit our new scenario and user roles. Quickly start using the platform by creating your facility, line and machine during the onboarding process.

New Onboarding for 30-days Free Trial

  404 Page  

Bonus: Have you seen our 404 page?

We updated the design of our 404 error page to suit LAKE’s intended use. Hopefully this will be the last time you see this page here 🤞🏻


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Sensemore LAKE is the reliability-focused data-driven machine health platform that offers users to create a digital maintenance culture to increase overall efficiency.

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