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Optimize Decision-Making with Sensemore’s Priority Matrix GUT Template

Make strategic decision-making with our Priority Matrix GUT Template—a tool designed to prioritize your issues effectively.


Key Benefits of Priority Matrix GUT Template

Holistic Issue Prioritization

Easily capture and organize critical issues using the GUT (Gravity, Urgency, Tendency) parameters. The template provides a holistic view and ensures a comprehensive issue prioritization.

Informed Decision-Making

Assess the Gravity, Urgency, and Tendency of each issue to calculate the GUT Score—a significance level that guides your decision-making process. Gain valuable insights into the relative importance of each issue.

Strategic Ranking for Focus

The template allows you to rank issues based on their GUT Scores, providing a clear hierarchy for focused attention. Simplify your efforts by addressing high-ranking issues first, and make optimal resource distribution.

Efficient Collaboration with Personnel

Encourage collaboration by clearly outlining related personnel for each prioritized issue. The template improves communication and guarantees that the suited personnel is involved in addressing specific concerns.


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