Dedicated Design for Your Digitalization Needs

In order to achieve the most accurate result, obtain high-quality data in the easiest way with Sensemore devices specially designed from the point of view of mechanical engineering.

Catch Every Detail

Low noise density and flat frequency response in broad bandwidth provide the most accurate results.

Plug & Play

Easy-to-use products provide very short deployment time.

Flexible Design

Energy harvesting and external sensor options provide solutions for a wide variety of scenarios.

Sensemore INFINITY

The World’s Smallest Wireless Vibration Sensor

Integrated thermometer and magnetic field sensor make Infinity the perfect choice for machine health applications. You can use it even under water or coolant. You don’t have to dispose of or recharge the battery thanks to the energy harvesting options of Infinity.

Infinite power

Infinity has integrated energy harvesting hardware from current sources like solar cells or thermal electric generators.

Sensemore Infinity Pro


Pro Energy, Lower Power Consumption

Brings every feature of Infinity and then enhances it with better energy features. The threaded stainless steel bottom plate makes it easy to mount and increases frequency response accuracy.

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Real-time Smart Measurement

Wired Pro provides data transfer over cable or Wi-fi to fit every connectivity need of the field. Smart measurement strategy tracks significant changes in vibration, velocity, displacement, magnetic field, and temperature. The threaded bottom plate makes it easy to mount and increases frequency response accuracy.

High temperature resistance

Wired Pro stands up to 105°C. The ideal choice where battery powered devices can't stand.


All Communication Forces Together

Completely Wireless and ATEX-certified all-in-one sensor. It has the most extended battery life time. Smart measurement strategy tracks for the best moment and optimizes data transfer rate. Long-Range communication over great distances involves transmitting calculated statistical information, while Wi-fi allows for the transfer of large amounts of detailed data.

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Sensemore Duck


Unlock Endless Possibilities

Connect any type of analog sensors to the 8-channel IoT Data Acquisition Tool and collect synchronously signals. Monitor for different goals by using various signal processing methods on Cloud.

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Wide bandwidth / Easy to use / Durable to harsh conditions /

Flat frequency response / Works underwater / Sleek design /

Technical Details

For further technical information about our data acquisition devices, you can instantly access datasheets by filling out the form.

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