Working Against Unplanned Downtime

The fusion of machines’ properties and sensor data through AI algorithms allows for accurate prediction of the future behavior of machines, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing downtime. This results in cost savings, increased productivity, and improved safety.

Root Cause Analysis

Anomaly detection triggers root cause classification algorithms to conduct proper maintenance actions.

From Day One

State of art analysis techniques start with the first measurement and then get better day by day.

Adapts to Boutique Machinery

Data integration abilities grant successful predictions on complex mechanisms and variable processes.

Robust AI, Effortless Knowledge

Sensemore AI refines all the power behind its models into intuitive and detailed reports for our users to focus on only the necessary actions.

An Overview on Machine Health

AI generated reports can give a general overview on your system health or detailed information on a specific machinery.

Continuously Developing

Sensemore focuses on improving its AI features day by day using state of the art methods. You won't miss any updates.

Remaining Useful Lifetime Estimation

With Sensemore AI, gradual faults can be detected in their earliest stages and their advancement can be predicted by creating remaining useful lifetime estimation from the earliest stage possible.

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Remaining Useful Lifetime Estimation

A Reliable Assistant

Sensemore AI solutions operate and watch over your machinery 24/7 not missing any beat, letting you plan your downtime, and ensuring smooth operation. Sensemore AI will become your most reliable assistant.

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Maintenance Bot

Sensemore maintenance bot keeps you notified on key changes of your machinery in your smartphone or even in your smartwatch.

Only Gets Better

Our AI framework supplies a complete toolbox learning from the past and forecasting the future.

Machine Mode Analysis

Simplifies thousands of measurements by learning your machine characteristics, detecting patterns, and identifying anomalies. Focus on only the most important!

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Machine Mode Analysis
Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Pinpoints the underlying issues and provides detailed insights in order for you to take efficient and effective maintenance actions.

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Machine Learning

Gets Stronger with You

With the knowledge of our reliability engineers and artificial intelligence along with incorporating valuable customer feedback, Sensemore AI offers powerful and robust solutions for smart machine health monitoring, delivering improved performance, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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