Your Insurance Policy For Equipment Reliability

Condition monitoring is the process of continuously monitoring the health and performance of machinery and equipment in order to identify potential problems before they occur. It involves the use of sensors data analysis and data visualization techniques to detect changes in the condition of machinery that could indicate the need for maintenance or repair.

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Unplanned Downtime:

The Obvious Costs are just the tip of the Iceberg


of companies faced downtime


of downtime per year


per minute of downtime


overall cost per year

Forbes – Unplanned Downtime Costs More Than You Think

How Condition Monitoring Help

Autonomous analysis of sensor data supports transparency of machine health and paves the way for highly accurate predictions for future failures.

Improve Safety

Ensure that your equipment is operating safely and in compliance with industry regulations.

Reduce Costs

Avoid the high costs associated with unplanned downtime.

Minimize Downtime

Schedule maintenance at a convenient time, rather than being forced to shut down production.

Unlock Peak Performance

Unlock the full potential of your assets, rather than having them operate at a suboptimal level, achieving the best performance possible.

Machine Health Status

Get a total indicator that expresses the current machine health condition & take action according to status.

Prevent Catastrophic Failures

Take action against catastrophic failures which commonly cause unplanned downtime in a range of machines.

Empower Your Team with Real-Time Insights

Our user-friendly solutions let you focus on the condition of your assets to plan an optimum maintenance schedule without effort by increasing the transparency of your machinery.

Wide Options

Our data acquisition devices provide a wide range of sensing units that can be easily implemented and provide precise measurements.

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Accurate Metrics

You can easily view the metrics you need to follow in the role-based changing interface and perform detailed studies with extensive analysis tools.

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Expert Support

Our experts will support you with AI supported evidence reports in case of any machine condition uncertainty.

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