Optimize Maintenance Schedules with Prediction

Predictive maintenance is a proactive approach to maintaining equipment that involves using data and analytics to predict when equipment is likely to fail or require maintenance. By analyzing data and identifying patterns that suggest maintenance is needed, industry professionals can schedule maintenance at a time that is most convenient and cost-effective. This approach helps to optimize equipment usage and can result in significant cost savings by reducing the overall cost of maintenance.

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Unplanned Downtime:

The Obvious Costs are just the tip of the Iceberg


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Forbes – Unplanned Downtime Costs More Than You Think

How Predictive Maintenance Help

Autonomous analysis of sensor data supports transparency of machine health and paves the way for highly accurate predictions for future failures.

Eliminating Unplanned Downtime

By forecasting possible malfunctions, predictive maintenance applications can eliminate unforeseen downtime.

Reduced Energy and Maintenance Costs

Eliminating possible malfunctions way before they turn into catastrophic events enables facilities to bring down energy and maintenance costs.

Evaluate Maintenance Activities

Improper maintenance actions cause misalignment, mechanical looseness and more. It reduces equipment lifetime and causes unexpected downtime after maintenance.

Working Against Unplanned Downtime

Our solutions operate and watch over machinery 24/7 not missing any beat letting you plan your downtime, and ensuring smooth operations.

Remaining Useful Lifetime

With Sensemore AI, gradual faults can be detected in their earliest stages and their advancement can be predicted by creating remaining useful lifetime estimation.

Reliability Experts

Easily request an inspection for the suspicious health state of your machines. Our expert engineers are ready to discuss.

Precise Diagnostics From Day One

We offer an end-to-end solution to predict and prevent machinery malfunctions. Our AI-backed technology identifies root causes months in advance.

High Quality Data

Many applications fail due to improper sensors and data acquisition settings. We run an assessment to ensure data is collected from the right location and right moment with our dedicated devices.

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Digitalized Machinery

Changing machine types and processes make predictive maintenance difficult. By digitizing your machines and processes, we ensure that the most appropriate analyzes are made.

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Root-Cause Detection

Anomaly detection is insufficient to assist maintenance operations. The root cause classification capability of Sensemore AI increases the efficiency of maintenance operations and reduces costs.

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